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At Kings High Ranch our 100% Fullblood Akaushi genetic lines, also known as Red Wagyu (Imperial Japanese Cattle), were DNA tested in Japan and are from foundation animals.


Akaushi foundation genetics were brought to the USA from Kumamoto, Japan, in the mid 70s and early 90s


In 2015, Kings High Ranch and other breeders hired the former president of the Kumamoto Akaushi Association and created the International Akaushi Registry Association (IARA).  Only the Akaushi genetics tested in Japan were used for base animals in this association. This is a closed-herd association to protect the purity of the animals. 


This process, while expensive, ensures that only the best Akaushi genetics outside of Japan are purchased from IARA members.


Additionally, we have traveled to Aso, Japan, to learn from native cattlemen the best ways to raise, to test and to provide fullblood Akaushi cattle.


Furthermore, the retired president of the Kumamoto Akaushi Association has aided us in making our breeder selections.


Our genetics are rare. 


Our cattle are descendants of the following foundation genetics:







Big Al


At Kings High Ranch you can obtain foundation-based genetics through embryos or semen, or you can purchase some of our bulls or heifers to start or improve your bloodline.  



We have taken the best Angus genetics and crossed them with the best Akaushi genetics to produce a new breed of cattle exclusive to Kings High Ranch, LLC., Angyu™ cattle.

Angyu™ is the next generation of superior meat cattle.


George Callen


Kings High Ranch, LLC.